Had a scare this morning. Thought I fried my computer.

So me being the n00b that I am decided to move some of the PSU wires around the case while the system was on. I didn't want to shut off the system because I was downloading stuff.

I started to move the wires towards the top to put them into my empty 5.25 bay under the DVD player when everything freezes. I must have unfastened something.

I proceed to reboot the computer only to have it not boot. The power would turn on, but the screen would be blank. I thought I fried something.

The problem was fixed by resetting the cmos jumper on the motherboard.

My question is, what do you think caused my system to freeze like that?
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  1. Make sure that all connectors are fully inserted, particularly on the motherboard.
  2. Probably moving a wire, and disconnecting something.

    Ugh, I remember when I accidentally removed a ram stick on a Running PC last year. I wish I knew what happened, but I shut it off before I turned on the Monitor.
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