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Recovery Console Regedit not saving why

I need to change a registry setting so i can use my raid drive,

which is isastorV or wahtever, to 3

but once im done editting the registry under recovery console in windows 7. (from a repair disk)

i noitce, that when i return to recovery console after a reboot, the setting has reverted back to 0 from its change of 3.

In other words.

Regedit is not saving any changes i make to it (the registry) under recovery console).


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    you did remember to load the remote registry hives right? if you just go into the regedit with out loading the hives of the OS drive then you are editing the registry from the recovery disk that has been loaded into ram.

    just a thought.

    personally i use bartPE with a remote registry program to edit it, i find it easier and faster. however if your only doing this once i suppose that's neither here nor there.
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