H55hc motherboard wont Post


This is my first time building my own computer and I am having some problems.

My h55hc intel motherboard will not post. I have gone through the checklists to figure out what is the problem.

Now this is my second MOBO - the first one I sent back because it appeared to be DOA. Now the same problem is coming with the new one sent to me. Doubt it is a second faulty board.

Now my biggest question is, when I lay the board on a cardboard base, plug in the two PSU connectors I should hear a beep or the CPU fan should start correct?

I am not getting anything, and wondering if I should plug in the memory/HDD/Video card as well when I try to start it outside the case.

Note I bought a barebones kit so everything is compatible. I even tried a different PSU to see if that was the issue.
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  1. Try putting the memory in. Then it should boot.

    The cpu is connected to the memory and the graphics card slot. if you dont put in the memory, the cpu does not work.

    there should already be integrated graphics on the board so you can also connect a monitor. Then the bios will load up and you will see it.

    hard drive and peripherals are not necessary.
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