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Last night, I tried overclocking my XFX 4890 with ATI's Overdrive. I bump the core speed from 850 to 900, then I entered BF3 and noticed a lot of artifacts before it soon crashed. I was going to restart my computer and set it back to defaults since it was clear I wasn't going to get crap out of overclocking this card (I got it after RMAing another 4890); however, when I got to the windows logo just before login (Windows 7), I get a BSOD every time. So then I tried to boot in safe mode, but the same BSOD happens. Any suggestions?

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  1. Oh, and I forgot to mention, I just had also just updated my video card drivers minutes before. The BSOD says, "BAD_POOL_HEADER" and "Stop: 0x00007e". Upon googling that term, it seems it is a driver issue instead of an overclocking issue.
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    If it fails to boot in safe mode, you could try booting with a different card / onboard video, and remove the driver that way. If that fails, i'd try the card in a different system and see if the card is still okay, and if it is, you might be looking at a reload of Win 7.
  3. Unfortunately, I don't have onboard video, a different card, or a different system. I think you're right that I'm going to have to reformat. :( I'm not going to bother backing up anything.

  4. You may find it difficult to reformat wihout onboard video, different card, or different system.
  5. Reformat went smooth, actually. Got my new driver up and running as well.
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