Do i need a new mother board

Hi my other computer hp pc m1180n just went black no power. So I purchased new power supply and power cord . when connected screen looaded but periferals were not loading for keyborad or mouse both wired and wirelessly. I checked wired hardware on differant computer and they are working. :sarcastic: So possibly was power cord not correctly hooked up and is there a diagram of internal hook up? is it possible that power arked to mother board and what is a good test of that?
Thank you
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    Boards are rarely repaired, except for bad capacitors or a bad bios chip. Many boards now have the bios chip soldered on, so you can't replace after a bad flash. You can try removing the board battery to reset the bios, but that's all I can recommend. I've never tried to repair a bad board.
  2. thank you sounds like time for a new system
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