Pricing mistake or outright scam?

I was looking over prices for a GTX 285 and came across a site eCost selling 285's for only $48.99

This is the link if you want to check it out :

I'm thinking outright scam (send you a defective card with serial number scratched out/ blackened so you can't RMA it to manufacturer) or a pricing mistake.

For $50 I'm willing to try however, it is way to good to be true which throws up 5000 warning flags in my head.

What does everyone else think? They are out of stock (which makes sense once people saw the price), however, if it was a mistake do you think they will cancel everyone's orders?
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  1. They are "out of stock" .
  2. Exactly...

    Now is that so they can jack the price up to $400 and charge everyone the difference (can they even do that with paypal)

    Or is it because a lot of people before me saw this and jumped on it hoping it was real.

    I just looked at their customer satisfaction and it was like a 3.5 out of 10 lifetime so that doesn't look promising.

    This was really just something odd I saw and wanted to share... I do not suggest putting an order through b/c I say 95% scam 5% pricing error
  3. As jitpublisher correctly pointed out the item is out of stock. You can't buy it. I checked prices in half a dozen pc categories and dozens of items. The prices looked okay. Probably just an error on their part.

    Current low price in the USA is $269.99 at Best Buy:
  4. hmm I looked at all their other 285 prices and your right, just looks like a mistake on their part. Now does that mean the people who ordered when it was in stock get a $270 video card for $50?
  5. Ok, I decided to part with $60 and try my luck... I'm all the way to checkout and it looks like its working. Most likely they will realize the mistake and refund us but you never know I guess... at least its not $400... that would be a waste :-(
  6. I suspect that it is going to be out of stock at that price for a looong time.
  7. ^^ very true... I got a confirmation number and everything so it went through but the parts are backordered (duh). Let you guys know what happens in a month :-P
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