Windows turns off display, doesn't sleep

I am running windows 7 x64
I have Comodo Internet security (antivirus and firewall)
Radeon 4850x2
And it recently started doing this.
I have the PC networked to a home server running windows server 2003, and recently changed my login on this pc to match the user I created on the windows 2003 server with which it logs in as. (This negated me having to log in twice- once into this PC and the second to a network share on the server.) I'm not sure if this is significant, but it seems like a networked pc would be less likely to sleep.
Things I've tried
- I set both display to turn off and pc to sleep after one minute then:
Unplugged all USB devices
Turned off all Network adapters
Picked up a book

One minute later the PC's display shut off, but still no sleep. Whats the deal?
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  1. I tried to set the power button to sleep. It did. On wake up though display was blank. Brought in another LCD for DVI-d to DVI-d. No luck. Probably the 9.8 Catalyst since I don't remember it doing this before about a week or two ago.
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