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Hey guys

I have a set of tritton ax360 headphones which I purchased for my xbox 360 but now have been using on my pc (windows 7) the problem is I can't get the microphone to work. the microphone plugs into the headphones, and one wire goes from the headphones to a box, which output toslink to the back of my gigabyte ud3r motherboard. any ideas how I can get windows 7 to recognize this microphone?
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  1. On PCs, you'll have to connect the Microphone directly into the microphone port of your mobo. There's no way you can split the cable of your headphone set? It's built into the box?
  2. I can split it. The mic that clips on to the headset can be disconnected but it's output is the type that's used on an xbox 360 controller. So the part that plugs into the female end is for an xbox 360 and smaller and won't fit in the mic jack of the motherboard.
  3. Just to be clear, how do you know Windows 7 won't recognize your microphone? Have you tried using the mic to record something on Sound Recorder?
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