Does asus A8V-VM support sata 500gb hard disk

Hey i wanted to know whether asus motherboard a8v vm supports 500GB sata hard disk as i already have a 250GB IDE hard disk connected to it... As it doesnt support 1 TB hard disk so wanted to be sure before buying this one
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  1. If the disk is indeed IDE, then SATA hard disks are not compatible with that. You need to get an IDE hard disk to use there.
  2. your motherboard does support both ide and sata drives. yes you can add that new sata drive and use both types at the same time.
  3. Oh crap, for a second there I thought the A8V was a laptop. ASUS has an A8 series of laptops, so I didn't think it through.

    SATA would work there. Just make sure your PSU has SATA power connectors.
  4. thnks everyone for reply but mine question is whether this motherboard support 500 GB hard disk because it doesnt support 1 TB hdd...
  5. 500 GB is OK.
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