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Do I leave both my SSD and HDD in when formatting for the first time?

Last response: in Storage
June 25, 2011 12:42:24 AM

I've just finished building my rig and configuring my BIOS and another poster has suggested that I leave my Crucial 64GB SSD in and attached to the SATA 3_0 array while disconnecting my Western Digital 1TB HDD during formatting in Windows and to move my SATA optical drive from the white M1 array down to the SATA II blue array, but I have gotten an error reading "Reboot System, select proper boot drive". I've read that you should have it ordered that optical drive goes first, then hard drive, then floppy, for example.

Does that sound correct to you guys? Should I leave my HDD out when formatting so I don't mess up either of them and then replug it in afterwards? Won't it be left un-formatted then? I'm a major newb at this, so forgive me if these questions sound silly.
a b G Storage
June 25, 2011 1:45:08 AM

Yes leave the 1tb HDD drive out when formatting and installing windows.
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