Horrible framerate in windows 7, fine in XP

Hello all,

I'm currently running Windows 7, 64 bit, 6gb ram, AMD Phenom 9500, Asus m3n78-pro motherboard, with a Radeon 3850 HD, all drivers are current and up to date, when i try to play a game, such as WoW, im getting horrible framerates, like 10-15 fps on the lowest settings. I'm also running a triple monitor setup. I tried a new video card, went with an Nvidia GTX 260 superclocked, there was little to no improvement, decided i would switch back to XP the game ran flawlessly 80+ fps in highly populated areas on relatively high settings, and this was back on the ATI card. I then figured there had to be some sort of reasonable solution and went back to Win7 and have tried everything i can possibly think of to no avail, anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance!
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  1. does it do the same in win7 32 bit ?

    and was the xp running in 64 bit?
  2. its probably the drivers. what do you expect? everything to be 100% compatible when the OS even isn't released to the market yet. the first driver releases are just to get the card working with the OS and nothing more
  3. I cant say that I've tried 32 bit Win7 but the XP was 64 bit, as for drivers, i dont think thats the issue, i even tried installing the vista 64 bit drivers and they installed with no problems or conflict, this problem has me stumped. anyother ideas?
  4. any background apps clogging your CPU while running win7 maybe which are not present when you are running the winxp?
  5. Do you have an older beta version of Win 7? I had all sorts of problems with nVidia drivers on an older version.
  6. Nothing running in the back ground, this is a clean install on a new hard drive, its the 7600 RTM build, which is the most recent i believe.
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