Putting 2 or 3 - 2.5" laptop drives into 1 external enclosure

Do such enclosures exist? And if so, are there any that are usb powered and don't need an external power source? I ask because I'm replacing my laptop harddrive with a larger one and I also have another couple of 2.5" external drives lying around from before and wanted to combine them.
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    Yes, there are multibay enclosure which support multiply 2.5 HDD but they all comes with power adapter. Your usb just can't give enough electricity to run multiple drives.
  2. Hmm okay then do any of you guys have suggestions for good one drive 2.5" enclosures?
  3. What interface do you want, usb 2.0, usb 3.0, esata, firewire? Most of my enclosures are vantec nexstar (for usb 2.0 (retired), usb 2.0 and esata combo and usb 3.0).
  4. Just a regular usb 2.0 interface. I'm taking a look at this one atm.
  5. That should be goo for what you need. Get it if you can't find cheaper. I found vantec case to be very good.
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  7. Multiple 2.5":
    This sounds like a small NAS device meant for RAID1 specifically (data mirroring for reliability). Most are 3.5" but I imagine there's 2.5" ones. I suspect the cost is high and that you should stick with a single USB drive deal.

    Single 2.5" USB:
    2.5" USB drives do not require power. You can simply buy a 2.5" USB case. You may wish to get one compatible with eSATA but that's not really a big deal and adds to the price.

    USB drives are now quite cheap now and a new USB hard drive might not cost much more than a USB case.

    Go to this online store:

    I use Acronis True Image to backup my Windows drive to a USB hard drive. As long as you have an internal or USB hard drive detected the free version from Western Digital will work.
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