Mod a 3rd gen Ipod?

So a friend of mine tossed me a 3rd gen Ipod that doesn't work anymore. I'm not sure what the error is, the battery seems to be dead and I have no way of charging it. Was wondering if anyone had any ideas on what to do with it? It has a 15GB 1.8" HDD, from what I've read online its a 66/ATA drive. Took a brief look on newegg but didn't see any external enclosures for 1.8" ATA drives. Anyone have any ideas (other then paperweight) for it? He might be able to give me the charging cable and the next time I talk to him I'll figure out what was wrong with it.
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  1. Well, you can make hell of an explosion out of it if you bend a 3rd gen ipod multiple times, LOL!:
  2. Thanks, but I was looking for something slightly more productive. I'm basically hoping to use it as a 15GB external drive that I don't really care what happens to. That way I can loan it, etc and not be worried about it. I have to figure out what's wrong with it first. I didn't know if there was list of mods common for the ipod or not. Every time I search online, I get tons of hits on the nano, which I don't have.
  3. That might be it. I saw a ZIF on newegg as well,but I wasn't sure that's what I needed. Would this work in a camera that uses CF? Does CF = the interface that 1.8" drives use?
  4. Compact flash uses pins and holes but ZIF is ribbon andclip. Is the 1.8 drive ribbon and clip?
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