Does this look like mobo or memory?


I have a quite new (6mths) Asis P5Q3 mobo with 2 sticks of 2 GB each in it with a Gigabyte ATI Radeon HD4850 1GB card in it.

I have tested the ram and whilst they each pass the memtest-86 separately, it crashes when they are both tested, no matter what slots they are in.

Also every now and then the XP SP3 box goes black and reboots. Event Viewer does not record any errors but the ATI catalyst log records 'information' not an error.

I have removed the ATI drivers and done a Driver Sweep and reinstalled the ATI 10-1 drivers. Since that it is hardly crashing altho still occassionaly even when idle.

The Sata #3 HD plug on the mobo also has some block in it as the cable does not 'click' in enough to use.

Any suggestions please?


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  1. first, i would test the RAM by putting different RAM in the computer and seeing if it solves the problem. if not, next step i would try is taking out that video card and using onboard video if you have it. if not, use a different video card. if still no good, then that HDD sata plug could definitely be an issue. get a new cable and hook it up and see if that helps also. If you say you are retrieving info about the crash in your ATI catalyst log, then it sounds like its something video related. are you getting any recovery error messages? possibly the operating system is corrupt and needs a fresh install.

    I would go through all these troubleshoots i offered ya, and if its still crashing then i would be looking at possibly a new motherboard if the problem is that persistent.
  2. Hi and thanks.

    Unfortunately my other boxes have different RAM stick so I would need to buy some. I already have 4GB in it but I know what you mean at least it would eliminate that area.

    I took the V card out before and it stayed up although if I had kept it up for hours maybe it would have gone. I need 2 LCDS on this box as I do my video and audio editing on it and I don't think the onboard will allow that.

    The esata plug is a worry as no cables fit in it and 'click' so it is useless really.

    It is a new XP SP3 so it is cool with everything else just fine and no events in Event Viewer except that 'Information' in the CCC log.

    I think I will take the mobo back and then see if it still happens. If so then it has to be the video card or the RAM or something incompatible between them.

    I will check with the store when I get the new mobo, that the RAM I got from them is correct.

    It is a time consuming thing as I have been at it for near on 2 weeks and am over it!!

    Appreciate the help and your time..

    oz :-)
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