Hard Drive Failiers

Hard Drive Failures

Well where do I begin.... About a 9-10 months ago I had a hard drive fail for the first time ever. Sometimes when cleaning my computer I bump it and the drive was pretty old so it didn't surprise me. What did surprise me was when it happened to another drive a month later. This was also old but I found it a bit odd. Another one failed after this. Now a few months down the road I install a brand new hard drive 120 gig western, a few months later that dies too. All seemed to go through the same symptoms before dying. 1: acting real slow to load when exploring it. 2: sounding like it's spinning/powering up and down. 3. powering up and down until it disappears altogether.

I went years without ever having a hard drive fail, now 3-4 of them fail in less then a year, 1 being brand new.

I find these symptoms suspicious and before I install a new 2TB one, I want to make sure it's not my motherboard or powersupply that's causing these hard drives to fail. Is this even possible or should I just assume it is the drives that failed on their own?

Processor: q6600 over clocked to 3.11ghz

Asus P5K motherboard

Coolmax 700watt Powersupply
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  1. No idea man. Could be anything.

    I have not had a drive fail in over 10 yrs.
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