Best gaming PC i can buy now with no budget limit.

Hi,I'm going to buy a pc for everyday general uses and Gaming! i'm looking for the bests of the bests,with no money limit.
would you guys plz help me with this,The best Case,Ram,MB,GPU,and ..... ! Thanks in advace.
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  1. Well if u want to save yourself the time of building it. Or just wanna see what the most wicked PC is.
  2. Maximum PC just benchmarked Maingear's top of the line boutique gaming PC, they said it broke all their benchmark records:

    It will also break the bank right around $8000, a high price to pay for a machine that will be surpassed in probably 6 months.
  3. well , thanks guys !
    Falcom and maingear both are ultimate PCs .
    the maingear Specs. are near to what I'm near to buy ,
    what's your opinion about this system :
    Mobo : evga X58 X3 SLI clasified. ( i was going to buy a asus rampage II but then i see evga mobo and it seems to be real great MB , the I/O it gives and performance i heard about it is great. )
    CPU : i7 975
    Ram : not sure between the brands , but maybe dominator 12GB ( 2 X 6GB triple ch. ) help me wit this !!!!
    Video : 2 or 3 way GTX295 SLI
    power : silverstone 1500 ( or thermaltake 1500 )
    cooling system : thermaltake external liquid cooling system for Mobo ( CPU )

    please comment on this config. and also help me with cooling system , RAM , CASE .

    PS: and i'm not sure about the temp. i will have with 2 X GTX 295 !!! can i cool it down with a air cooling fans and a good case ( good air flow ) or i should buy a water cooling VGA to have it cool !????
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