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Asus mobo memory comparability

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February 20, 2010 5:08:03 AM

My question is what would be good ram to run at 1600mz from what I hear is good and at whatever timing it should be necessary to be set at on an ASUS P7P55d PRO lga 1156

I. Myself don't know what the timings are for. Or what they should be set at. As well I don't know what the 1600mz stands for. also how to learn how to use the bios of which I don't know what it is. I'd like to learn of what each does. As well as find out what ram would be good to buy

so far I've found these 2 that I've seen that seem good
G.skill RAM item:N82E16820231193
Cosair RAM item:N82E16820145263

also I apologize if this is the wrong section to be posting this
a b } Memory
a c 107 Ĉ ASUS
February 20, 2010 3:32:31 PM

Memory - DDR1600 for it's OC ability, no need to go higher unless you looking for 5 Ghz +. Lowest CAS # you can afford:

Way to buy memory:

1. Drill down newegg's category selction drop downs .... Computer Hardware / Memory / Desktop Memory / 240 pin / DDR3-1600 / 2 x 2GB

2. Select CAS 6 and we see one choice...Muskin Redline's w/ 6-8-6-24 @ $160 after MIR

3. Hit Back button on browser and this time select CAS 7 ... more than 1 so rank by lowest price.....Mushkin Blacklines w/ 7-9-7-24 timings at $104

4. If that's still budget tight look at CAS 8 but since price only drops to $95, I'd stick w/ CAS 7 or better.

I wouldn't pay those prices for the CAS 9 / CAS 8 RAM you listed given the above.
February 20, 2010 6:47:13 PM

What does cas do or mean though ? So the lower the cas the better ?