K8n fails to boot with barracuda 7200.12

When I connect a Barracuda 250Gb XP boot disk to the SATA1 port on my K8N the BIOS refuses to recognise it - don't get any beeps or even a power light.
Connect to the SATA2 port - boots fine.
However, I need to add my WD3200AAKS 320Gb data disk but when I plug this into SATA1 the system still refuses to boot.
Using the original WD800JD 80GB boot disk with the WD3200 I can use any combination and it's fine.
I tried jumpering the Barracuda to 150 but no joy.
Any ideas please?
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  1. try replacing the SATA cable. there could be a short in it.
  2. Which BIOS version are you running? I believe that versions before 1003 had an issue with SATA detection. If you are running an older BIOS you should download a newer version from ASUS and update your mobo.

    Good luck
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