Hooking my old hard drive up to my new computer

I am trying to hook up my old computers hard drive to my new computer so that i can transfer some of my old files to my new computer. I thought i had everything hooked up right but my new computer is not recognizing my old hard drive(computer is only showing (C:) drive.) I have the ribbon cord hooked up from my old hard drive to my motherboard. As far as the power supply connection, i did not see a spare connector in my new computer(which is custom built, if that matters) so I unplugged the connector that went to my docker station(i think that is what it is called) and used that. Also, I believe the power connector that my old hard drive is outdated because it is a different connector then what is attached to my new hard drive. Does anyone have any suggestions on what i can try to do so that my new computer will recognize my old hard drive?
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  1. Make sure that the ide contoller is enabled in the bios, check the jumper on the old hd to make sure it doesn't conflict with another device on the same ide ribbon cable.
    The power connector on your old HD should be a 4 pin molex type and I would think that your new power supply should have a couple of them.
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