New upgrade, blue screen restart in windows

hi all iv just upgraded my computer with a new mobo (asus A4A78), cpu (Phenom X3 720) and gpu (HD4850 512Mb). Im using my existing 2Gb DDR2 Patriot Ram, hard drive and 500W PSU).

Problem is when i start the system up it gets all the way to windows and after a few seconds it briefly (half a second) blue screens before crashing and restarting. I really dont know whats wrong and its frustrating me.

Other usefull info..... the express gate thing at the start of boot up doesnt work, the Ram im using isnt listed in the mobo manual but i doubt thats the issue. Iv got the case open and the CPU temp is 46 degrees centigrade, Mobo temp is 27.

Oh and as this is an upgrade iv had to rebuild the old system to get online to ask for help :-( ahhhhhhh lol please help
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  1. so you did your build.. got a blue screen, and then rebuilt your old one and it worked... You do know you are supposed to reinstall the operating system when you change the motherboard, right? Not sure what you had before, but unless your old board was an asus A4A78 as well, your computer will not just happily boot up with a new motherboard.
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    You'll need to do a fresh installation of Windows after the motherboard/CPU/GPU upgrade. Someone will pipe up and say it's possible to repair the OS install, but it's a much better idea to just do a fresh installation to reduce the possibility of future problems.

    On another note, 46C in the BIOS indicates that you either didn't install the HSF correctly or forgot the thermal paste. The idle CPU temp shouldn't be that high.
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