I5-2500K Temps and Cooler choice


At the moment I am running the stock cooler, but after a couple hours of gaming my temps are reaching 70C.

I want to get a proper cooler, but my choices are limited:

Coolermaster Hyper 612S
Coolermaster V6

I heard that the 1156 coolers fit on the 1155 boards, is that true? If so I could also get:

Deepcool Gamer Storm
Zalman CNPS9900

I am not OCing at the moment, but figure I will if I can keep my temps down.

Thanks for the assistance.
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  1. Sorry, I double posted.
  2. I told the mods about the other post, they should close it.

    We can work with this one.

    Why are your choices limited to just the ones listed here?
  3. Well those are the ones that I saw in my price range. I picked out any that said "1155" and then "1156" of the brands that I knew.

    The site I was looking at is "", I am in South Africa. I have had good service from them in the past as well.

    The link to air coolers:

    I don't mind spending up to about R600.

    Thanks for contacting the mods for me.
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    If you are looking for a great cooler without spending too much, the cooler master 212 series is great.

    The latest model is the 212 EVO (Compatible with LGA1155) it does a great job and doesn't break the bank.

    I personally have the 212+ (the older model) and I have my 2500k at 4.5Ghz and my highest temp in Prime95 is around 70C
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  6. Hi Blade,

    Thanks a mil. I will look at getting an EVO at the end of the month. I saw people posting about the 212+, but I wasn't too sure about the EVO version of it.
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