Gigabyte/AMD AHCI F6 SATA drivers without a Floppy

Currently I'm using a Gigabyte GA-MA785GM-US2H MOBO with SATA drives and Windows XP Home installed...I recently purchased a Gigabyte A75M-UD2H MOBO that does not support IDE drives and has no controller for Floppies..or any other IDE Dives....! Since I'm just changing out the MOBO CPU, Memory I feel that such a major Hardware change will cause me to have to re-install Windows XP Home again and I wont be able to do the F6 Sata/Raid 3rd party driver install without a floppy drive.... or is it possible that the new MOBO/BIOS etc., will recognize the AHCI Drivers already in the Windows Device Manager SATA section...and my drives will work okay...?
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  1. jimlp1 said:
    and I wont be able to do the F6 Sata/Raid 3rd party driver install without a floppy drive...

    Is this driver on a floppy driver? lol...

    If not you can re configure your RAID setup after you install those mobo drivers to the OS, you will prob's have to re install the chipset driver too.

    Just make sure that you don't have a piece of hardware that requires a IDE connection.. and you should be fine :)
  2. No...the its not on a floppy driver.....! It's on the MOBO driver CD in which one has to make a Floppy Disc with the appropriate Drivers for the be applied while installing Windows XP when it asks for a 3rd party SATA/RAID driver using F6.....! The new A75m-UD2H MOBO does not have an IDE Controller at all, so no Floppy or any other IDE Device can be used...period....
    I'm asking if there's an alternative way to install the SATA/RAID MOBO Drivers into Windows..if there is no IDE Floppy Drive supported....?
  3. You should be able to source the file/driver of the company's website
  4. this is a post i did for an intel problem but it will sort you out as well just use the drivers you have insted of the intell ones

    hello this is a problem i come up against alot (all intel chipsets so am going to go with that as what you have got)untill i found a program called nLite

    and a link to the most common way to fix your problem

    v10.8.0.1003 driver work best.

    after doing this you dont need to press F6 to install
    if you still having problems post back and see what can do
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