Modify my P6T SE build for overclocking

I have posted this build before, but studying a bit about overclocking, I think that I can get a better performance/$ ratio if I overclock. I am hoping that by overclocking I can extend the life of my machine. Here is my original parts list that I created when I did not plan on overclocking.

BUDGET RANGE: $1350 max

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: SolidWorks2009, COSMOS, Eagle CAD, Dragon Naturally Speaking


Intel Core i7 920 Nehalem 2.66GHz


EVGA 512-P3-N973-TR GeForce 9800 GT 512MB
Yes I know this is not SoldWorks approved, I simply can't afford a workstation card.

As far as ram I will probably get whatever I can get a combo deal on at the time that I order. I want something like this: OCZ Obsidian 6GB (3 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600

Western Digital Caviar Blue WD3200AAKS 320GB

Antec Sonata III 500

OVERCLOCKING: Yes. I plan on being conservative, maybe 3.2 Ghz



The max I would like to spend on overclocking is $100. From what I have read this seams like a good low cost heat sink: Scythe MUGEN-2 SCMG-2000

My main concern is that now that I am going to overclock, will the Antec Sonata III 500 have a good enough PSU and also will it have good enough airflow? ALso will the MUGEN-2 fit in the Sonata III case?

All thoughts and critizism is appreciated.

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  1. The P6T SE is still very capable of overclocking just fine. It lacks the advanced heatsinks of the P6T Deluxe, but that's really the only advantage you'd get by going with that board.

    I'd change your hard drive to this baby: for faster read/write times and more space.

    Since you seem to be building a workstation, you could save a decent amount on the video card. I recently put one of these: in a custom workstation for a co-worker, and it works great, though I will admit that the price seems to have gone UP a little since I bought mine.

    The PSU that will come with your case will probably be ok at best. It should be replaced if you plan to overclock and want some peace of mind. I recommend this one:

    I couldn't tell you much about your case, or whether it will fit a MUGEN-2.
  2. First off, since SolidWorks is a priority for you, I think you can get an older generation workstation class graphics card at a reasonable price. It won't be a top performer like the workstation cards out there that cost more than high end desktop systems, but will still do better than gaming grade cards. That 9800 GT is a few generations old itself even. Not sure how this compares, but found a Quadro FX570 for about the same price as that 9800 GT:
    256 MB is a bit low probably. there's a FX580 with 512 MB on board, but costs about $185.

    I would recommend the WD Caviar Black over the Blue, think the 500 GB only adds $10-$15 to your build, but the improved application performance will help you with SolidWorks' performance.

    Not sure about the Antec Sonata III, looks kinda small to me, but it has plenty of reviews. If there were issues with size, they would be showing up in the reviews.

    the Scythe is a good cooler, Xigmatek has an i7 cooler that's been rather popular on here as well. It seems like it's a bit smaller and tends to play nice with smaller cases.
  3. Quote:
    Not sure about the Antec Sonata III, looks kinda small to me, but it has plenty of reviews. If there were issues with size, they would be showing up in the reviews.

    Seems like the Antec Sonata III is somewhat unknown for its cooling performance. Can someone recommend a case and power supply that is a little more well known and is not too much more expensive than $110?

    BTW: I ran the PSU calculator and it came up with 446 Watts
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    ^ Antec 300.

    $40 after MIR.

    Total: $95 after MIR.

    As far as SolidWork goes, you don't absolutely need a workstation card, but it will help with complex models. FloWorks and other COSMOS will benefit from the i7.
    The Quadro FX570 is a good choice. Also if you can get your hands on a old 8xxx card you can soft mod it. They are on sale some times for like $40-50. Can't soft mod the new cards :(

    Oh and if OCing, get the Core Contact Freezer + i7 bracket:
    S1283 + i7 bolt in.

    Also consider waiting if possible. i5 will be released soon and should drive down the price for the low end (ie 920) i7s a bit.
  5. I see no reason to grab the S1283 + the crossbow mounting kit, since the dark knight exists with the mounting kit built in, unless there is some sort of price discrepancy I have not realized. My friend has a sonata III, and it is very quite, though he does also suffer from some overheating issues from time to time, I can't be sure that the Sonata has bad airflow, but the 300 or 900 would definitely be better.
  6. ^lol, true that about the 1283.
  7. Quote:
    ^ Antec 300. [...] 6811129042

    450VX [...] 6817139003
    $40 after MIR.

    Total: $95 after MIR.
    Perfect. Thanks for the recommendation. There are so many different cases and there is no easy way to know the good from the bad.

    Oh and if OCing, get the Core Contact Freezer + i7 bracket: [...] 6835207004 [...] 6835207005
    Core Contact Freezer... I like the sound of that. I going to get it just so I can tell everyone that I have a Core Contact Freezer. I can hear the Oos and Aahs in my head.

    I will do more research on my video card situation.

    Thanks again for the help.
  8. That Antec 300 is on sale today too. use the coupon code here for free shipping.

    the deal expires tonight I think so it may be worth it for you to order it now, and decide on the rest of the stuff later. Your case is the heaviest component in any build, and scoring free shipping can save you $25-$30 usually.
  9. ^Agreed. I usually get charged $15-30 for the case.
  10. Thanks for the heads up.

    I tried to order it but I messed up somewhere because first it took the promo code, but then after I submitted my order I noticed the discount was gone. Not sure what happened but I emailed new egg customer service. I've heard that new egg has good customer service so I expect that they will give it to me.

  11. Quick update:

    I was able to cancel my order and resubmit it and I got the discount just fine.
  12. Glad you got it with the free shipping. I was tempted to buy one myself, though I'm still holding out for something like an Antec 902. Still too pricey for me right now as I'm not doing a new build. Other than not being very upgrade friendly, my current case is still in good condition.
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