Radeon higher specs weaker than nvidia?

this has baffled me for quite sometime and i cant find an answer so here it goes why does ati/amd's card have higher specs like the core config core speed etc but it is kinda weaker than nvidia?

thanks in advance
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  1. The Radeon's have 1 billion transitors, the Nvidia's have 1.5 billion.

    With 50% more die size, Nvidia generally have 5% performance lead.
  2. They use an entirely different architecture. Clock speeds should only be compared on cards using the same chip.
  3. Make it simple, compare both cards in the same price range, and just like they^ said.... both arch's are VERY diferent....

    4850 = GTS 250
    4870 = GTX 260
    4890 = GTX 275
    4870x2 slighty weaker that the GTX 295
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