What GPU to choose (cant decide plz help)

hi in the process of having a new gaming rig built but im stuck on what GPU to go for,
the speck of my comp will be

Coolermaster HAF 932 Full-Tower
1000w Azza Gaming Active PFC Power Supply SLI/CrossFire Ready
(Quad-Core)Intel® Core™ i7 920 @ 2.66GHz 8 MB cache LGA1366 with Extreme overclocking 20% to 30%
Cyberpower Advanced WaterCooling Medium Kit (Including 120m Radiator, 750res Pump/Reservoir, Delta CPU Block, 2 High CMF Fans, Tubing, and Coolant)
ASUS P6T Deluxe motherboard
12GB (6x2GB) PC16000 DDR3/1800mhz Triple Channel Memory (G.SKILL GBTD Series )

and for the GPU my original thought was 2x ATI HD4890's
but having a think about it im wondering if im better of goining for a single GTX 295 and maybe 12 months down the line when the price has pretty much halved get a second 295 and going SLI, where as if i wanted to upgrade the 4890's
it would meen buying 2 new GPU's.

some advice would be great thanks
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  1. Azza PSU? Never heard of them, switch to something else. You also don't need 12GBs of ram. Drop down to 6GBs, you'll be fine. (You'd probably also be fine with DDR3-1333 ram, not sure you need the 1800MHz stuff unless you have a monster overclock planned.)

    Some time later this week AMD is bringing their new video cards out. I would decide what to buy AFTER this happens. No point in buying a card now if its going to be passed by something cheaper in two days. We'd also need to know what resolution monitor you are buying.
  2. wait for the ati 5 series then decide
  3. thx 4745454b, i went for the 12GB 1800MHz ram with the thought that i wont be needing to upgrade it for a few years.
    ive been told that theres a very good chance the new ATI cards wont come out when there supposed too as there always delayed, (i dont know how much of that is true).

    i will be using my exsisting monitors for the time being which is Samsung 930 at 1280x1024
    and what i play on a 26" HD Samsung LCD at 1360x768

  4. At those resolutions a GTX275 or HD4890 would max out any game with ease, both now and far into the future, there is no need to CF/SLI.
    If you can wait, I would strongly advise you to do so, at least until the new cards are reviewed before finalising the build. Why buy 'old' DX 10 tech and have your new rig outdated in a few days for the sake of said days wait?
    Agree about the PSU: It's the heart of a stable, reliable system and of all the components, should be the one you do not skimp on.
    And quality does not always come at a huge price:


    Or you could get an EVGA or BFG card and use their 'step up' programs to bag yourself a DX11 card if you live in the US or Canada:)
  5. yes good advice i will wait, what date are they due out and are neither the 295 or the 4890 dx11? i was told they were :pfff:
  6. Ahhh, it was this question my internet crapped out on...

    The problem with 12GBs now is that ram gets cheaper and faster over time. For what you spend on ram now, you can get 18GBs of faster ram in 2 years. Unless you actually need the 12GBs now, stick with 6 and move up when you need it.

    Those are low resolution monitors. A single 4890 can max that out. In my book, 720P is the highest of low resolution gaming. From there you have medium resolutions like 1280x1024, 1440x900, and the 16x10/16x12. After that there is the high resolutions like 19x10/19x12 and above. Its these high resolutions that need CF/SLI. For low res monitors, a good single card is all you need.
  7. Quote:
    yes good advice i will wait, what date are they due out and are neither the 295 or the 4890 dx11? i was told they were

    Sept 22nd. And somebody lied to you, the 295 is DX10, and the 4890 is DX10.1 (DX10 as well).
  8. so the 5xxx series cards are just about to be released but what is a realistic time to be able to get my hands on one in the UK?

    has anyone got an idea when were likely to see the first DX11 game release?
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