Cant relfash original bios.

hey guys i did a modded 6950 bios flash, i want to flash back to original bios. i had no problem flashing,but for some reason when i try to flash the original bios the loading screen comes up then about half way disappears.anyone know how i can reflash? its a non-ref
his 6950
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    did u create a backup ? did u download it ? what program u r using to flash ? please tell the exact model and model page on his site
  2. i have a backup bios. but atiflash will not detect the adapter when i stick it in another adapter to flash it. i have the his H695FN2G2M 2gb radeon hd. i read something about doing the 1 & 8 pin flash,but i have no clue where the bios chip is located.

    i used atiflash to flash.
  3. atiflash -unlockrom 1

    "adapter not found"

    atiflash -f -p 1 original.bios
    "adapter not found"
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  5. no
    u have to select rom 0

    atiflash -unlockrom 0
    atiflash -f -p 0 original.bios
  6. to be precise u have to run cmd in administrator mod
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