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Can all blu-ray drives play/write 3D movies or just the '3D' ones ?

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June 25, 2011 5:28:50 PM

Hi guys .. I have a question to ask ... I want to buy an internal Blu-ray writer for my desktop, but some writers have '3D Capable' mentioned on them ... Does this mean the other blu-ray writers are NOT capable of playing back and burning 3D blu-rays ? Or is it just a marketing gimmick ?

Personally I think there's no hardware difference, and that mentioning '3D' is because the blu-ray player coming with the drive is capable of playing back 3D blu-rays ..

For example this is supposedly a '3D Capable' blu-ray writer ...

... while this one doesn't mention '3D' anywhere:

Whats the technical conclusion behind this guys ?

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a c 395 G Storage
June 25, 2011 6:37:29 PM

My opinion is not based on experience, but I believe that you are correct: the disk format and hardware to read it are the same, only the software to play the disks is different. So they are really providing 3-d capable playback software.
a c 474 G Storage
June 26, 2011 4:00:12 PM

All 2X times and faster BD-ROM computer drives will handle 3-D Blu-rays just fine with the proper computer software (72Mb per second speed for 2X drives). Mainly it’s just marketing to label a BD-ROM drive or BD burner as 3-D since any 2X and faster Blu-ray drive can play 3-D movies. The difference in drives are mainly in the reading and writing speed. Some new drives use the BDXL format that allows one to write data and video on 100GB and 128GB Blu-ray media. Only 25GB and 50GB discs will playback in standard Blu-ray video players. The maximum video bit rate for 2-D Blu-ray is 40Mb per second (48Mb per second for video and audio). 3-D Blu-ray has a maximum video transfer rate of 60Mb per second (68Mb per second for video and audio). The maximum data transfer speed for standard Blu-ray 2-D is 54Mb per second. I think the maximum data transfer speed for Blu-ray 3-D is 72Mb per second but I would need to verify that information, they might have allowed a higher speed in the Blu-ray specs. But 72Mb per second is most likely correct since that is the maximum speed of 2X BD-ROM drives. A 1X BD-R writer can write 3-D Blu-ray home made video's but in order to playback the video you need at least a 2X BD-ROM drive.

A 3-D movie can hold both a 2-D and 3-D version of the movie but a dedicated 2-D disc and 3-D disc at high bit rates can offer a better picture quality over a single disc that contains both a 2-D and 3-D data stream. That is why many of the new releases have one disc for Blu-ray 3-D and one for 2-D, in order to offer the best picture quality possible. It would be cheaper to just package the movie with a 3-D movie instead of two separate discs.