Taking as Dell XPS M1530 laptop to desktop.

The motherboard on my Dell laptop just recently died out. As the laptop is outdated and not worth the money to repair I will be getting a new one. However between now and then I need to retrieve the information off of the HDD from the said laptop.

I Googled this and found cables to do it, however the laptop's end of the cable does not look compatible to the drive that is in front of me. I don't want to blow a few dollars and a few days waiting on something I don't need. So is there a different cable for it?
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  1. It would be useful if we knew the model of the drive (it's on a sticker on the outside somewhere) so we can figure out if it's IDE, SATA, mini-SATA, or SCSI (just kidding).

    A picture showing the connectors next to a ruler would be slightly less useful.

    Also, we can't tell if the cable that you found is compatible unless you tell us what cable it is. Given all this info, we can tell you what will work or not.
  2. The drive is a SATA.

    The cable looks very similar to this.

    This is a direct image of what the Hard Drive looks like.
  3. As you say, the drive's interface is SATA. This means you should be able to retrieve its data by connecting it to a SATA motherboard, or by installing it in a USB-SATA enclosure.

    The cable is a converter that adapts a laptop drive with a 44-pin IDE interface to a motherboard that has a standard 40-pin IDE port. The end pins on the 44-pin interface are the +5V power pins. In a desktop application, power is provided via the Molex connector.

    Here are the respective pinouts:
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