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I am new to this forum and i just need a little help working out what is wrong and possibly getting the fix for the problem i have.

My computer does not boot up when i turn it on. As i press the on button the ASUS logo appears as normal but then basically just freezes. It is the screen where you can enter the BIOS setup as well.

The computer consists of:

ASUS M2N-MX SE Plus motherboard
AMD Athlon 4200+
CD and DVD Burner
Microsoft Windows XP

I don't know if it is a mother board issue or software issue but in order to load windows i must press TAB to enter a setup screen which will run through what the computer consists of and then eventually windows will load, after a good 10minutes.

I also noticed that if i enter the BIOS setup screen, the computer performs very slow.
i was going to update the BIOS but i have a feeling that it wont fix it because i have read on some forums that the particular motherboard i am using is not very reliable.

If anyone can help with some advice and previous experience on fixing this problem, it would be much appreciated.

Thank You
Robert Fragale
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  1. I would check for a virus first. You can also use the disk clean windows program to remove clutter. For the freezing issue, it may be a hardrive or board problem. If you don't find any viruses, try the hardrive manufacturer's software to check the drive integrity. Each brand has their own software. If your drive is failing, you can do a drive to drive copy before it's gone. I use maxblast 5 for maxtor and seagate drives, and it works with all newer windows versions.
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