Is windows 7 compatible with windows 2007 office ultimate

I just bought the academic version of office 2007 ultimate and will be buying a new laptop with windows 7 premium OS.
Are they compatible? The box says ok to XP and Vista is all. I can't return the software so what is it I need to do to make it compatible if it is not> I am basis user
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  1. Yes not a problem, the compatability listed on the box would have been printed before the release of Windows 7. I and probably millions of others are using it on W7.
    Most programs that worked in Vista will work in Windows 7.
  2. What Jonmor68 said... (See Microsoft's own page here.) Also, for other programs, Win7 does have "compatibility mode" settings that can get most programs to work all the way back to the Windows 95 era.
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