1090t @4ghz voltage problem

Hello, i was wondering why my voltages jump from 1.5v to 1.54-1.56v when running prime i do not like it and my motherboard is ta87u3+ so i cannot set a custom voltage with this board only in 0.50 increments. So what i did was +1.00 and that sets it at 1.5v and if i do +0.50v it's not stable.

multiplier- x20
Bus speed- 200mhz
Ht link- 2400mhz
Nb frequency- 2600mhz
Dram frequency 800mhz
cl: 9
trp: 11
tras: 29
trc: 40

motherboard: ta870u3+
gpu: radeon 5850
ram: g.skill ripjaw 1600 2x2bg sticks
cpu: 1090t
psu: ocz 700w modstream pro

Help is very much appreciated :D
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  1. what are your temperatures?
  2. if you want help, here is a tip: dont buy *** motherboards if you want precision voltage. if the temps are ok, just leave it alone. that processor is built for torture.
  3. I thought it was a decent motherboard o.o but yeah the temps never go above 40c and when i ran prime95 the temps were at about 50c but i only ran it for 10 minutes because i seen the voltage jump up to 1.56v
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