***SOLVED*** - Primary Hard Drive Not Detected!

I'm having a very strange issue and could REALLY use some help.

At the moment, I can't boot into my OS (Windows 7 64 bit). The BIOS recognizes the HDD and can tell me all sorts of information about it (size/make/model/etc), but it doesn't seem to want to load Windows on startup.

I try using a boot disc of Windows and do the Startup Recovery Tool, but where it normally should allow me to select a OS to recover/repair, there is none. I can run some cmd prompts and it comes up validating that it can see a Windows installation on the C drive, but regardless it won't boot up. The Repair tool says the problem is: "The partition table does not have a valid system partition." But even after the repair is done nothing works.

Things I did JUST prior to this occuring:

1.) Tried some OC'ing, but it didn't work that well. So I went back and manually loaded the default profile settings and restarted the CPU.

2.) When I logged in to Windows, it came up with the "Loading" screen with the little circle icon next to it that has the light circilng around and around the circle. Then it froze and wouldn't do anything. So I held down the power button to restart the CPU.

3.) Then I started getting the error "No Primary HDD detected!" error.

4.) I've tried all the run of the mill tests I can think of and that have been posted on other forums for general solutions, but none work. (Flashing BIOS, resettint CMOS, switching all the SATA wires/connections, taking all but 1 stick of RAM out, etc.). I'm lost.

I've put the HDD in my roommates CPU, and everything is still accessable and functions right. I can see ALL of my files and folder structures and everything is still there. So if worse comes to worse I could re-install/re-partition it after I grab all of my documents and things off of it. I just don't understand why Windows won't start up from it. I tried making my drive the boot drive in my roommates machine, but the same thing happened. But I can still see/access the files once I do get into his OS via his HDD.

So it seems to me (an obvious idiot : /) that the HDD is still functioning, but something is wrong with Windows that isn't letting it boot up. Could the improper shut down (hard reset when it froze) be the culprit? Is there any fixes? What additional information do you guys need?

System specs:

TX750W Corsair PSU
Intel i7 920
1 TB Seagate Barracuda
ASUS P6T Deluxe v2
3x2GB OCZ DDR3 (1600)
Radeon 5850
Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate

I'll be checking back to this thread hourly. I'm on my laptop atm. If it's easier and takes less time, I don't mind giving out my # so someone could call and talk me through the diagnostic steps. I've seen some of the other forums and CPU problems take forever to resolve when you have to go back and forth waiting for responses.

Thanks for any help!

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  1. Also - I will pay anyone who can fix this issue with me $10 on PayPal immediately. This is starting to become VERY frustrating.

  2. easy option - put your hdd in another pc, get the data off it then put it back in your pc and reinstall windows fresh

    sounds like it may be a corruption issue so if you get the chance, test ALL your hardware
  3. Yea, that's what I'll do as a very last resort.

    I just don't want to have to do that if there is an easy/obvious answer. I always seem to forget the list of all the files I need to grab when I reformat, like besides the obvious ones...things like save data for games, license keys, and random other application data.

    I just wish there was an easier way.

  4. *SOLVED* via this article:


    Holy jesus that was a difficult/random ass issue.

  5. mtamble said:
    *SOLVED* via this article:


    Holy jesus that was a difficult/random ass issue.


    I have the same problem on a similar ASUS G73J laptop, I'm a little confused how you fixed it. Please point me in the right direction how to get it working again with your link above.

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