Bios not recognising sata hard disk drive

My pc froze a couple of weeks ago so did a restart. Nothing happened but DISK BOOT FAILURE , INSERT SYSTEM DISK AND PRESS ENTER.

Wouldn't run the recovery of course so i have tried a new HD. Still same message, but don't have system disk. PC is HP and came preloaded with XP and Hp programs. Only disks are my HP Recovery set which should load everything but I am being told that there is no HDD. Only DVD drive is listed in bios. Where do I go from here? Bought new laptop (which is how I can ask this) but really want my pc up and running. I should add that someone has checked my original hdd and lent me eternal caddy to transfer the data still on it to new HDD. HOW can I get my hard drive recognised? SATA by the way, but Bios only searches for IDE and naturally cannot find it. Please help!!!!
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  1. If I read your post correctly, the PC does not recognize the old drive _and_ does not recognize the new drive. If that is the case, your motherboard may be shot. Unless both drives are bad.

    First question: is that the case, that the BIOS doesn't see either the old or new drive? Can you try changing cables and which SATA port you are using, to see if the problem is something so simple?

    Second question: Since you have the old drive in an external caddy, can the notebook that you have recognize the drive and see the data on it? If so, your recover is fairly simple, but your PC is shot.

    Third: Why do you say that BIOS only searches for IDE? Do you have IDE and SATA ports and only the IDE ports are seen, or do you mean that the SATA ports are set to IDE mode, which is still (for some reason) the default?

    I'll be checking for your answers.
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