I have a Compaq SR5030NX with 2x512 (1GB) DDR2 PC5300 (667MHz) modules installed. The Intel processor is P4 3.2GHz w/ 800MHz FSB. The board maxes out at 2GB. I have an opportunity to purchase a single 2GB Crucial brand module PN CT25664AA800 PC6400 (800MHz) for $30.00 and wonder if this will cause my computer to crash or notice a signifcant performance loss moving from the "enhanced" dual channel mode to single channel?
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  1. 1gb in dual mode will easily lose to 2gb in single mode... its a worthwhile upgrade if you ask me :)
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    Careful; your mobo only supports dimms up to 1 gb each, meaning a single 2 gb dimm will not work. If you want to upgrade, you'll need 2 x 1gb dimms.
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