Dual Channel RAM on a Triple Channel Motherboard

Hello everyone, if I put a 2x2GB of ram (corsair 1600mhz cl7) on a motherboard supporting triple channel ram (asus P6X58D Premium), and specifically one stick in the first blue slot and the other stick in the second blue slot, thus leaving the third blue slot and the other three black slots empty, well would this make the ram work in dual channel without any issue? Or the triple channel architecture is not compatible with a dual channel ram configuration?
p.s. I don't need more than 4GB because my OS is Win XP 32-bit
p.s. I read somewhere that putting 3x2GB of ram in triple channel under a 32-bit Win would increase the overall performances of those only 3-dot-something GB of ram readable under the above mentioned (versus putting 2x2GB in dual). Is that true?
Many thanks in advance for any help. :)
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  1. Your motherboard manual should show the populated slots for dual channel with two RAM modules.
  2. Thanks for the anwer threefrog07, so you're saying it is possible to put the RAM in dual channel on such a mobo, right? I just wanted to be aware of that since I actually haven't got the components yet (for building a new pc that's what I mean to do), I'm just planning the whole setup carefully before getting the single pieces to avoid any possible incompatibility issue.
  3. yes it will support dual channel as long as you put them in the right slots. you can download the manual for the MB in question to verify
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