Internal Apacer 5 in 1 Memory Card reader problem

I have an apacer internal memory card reader installed in my computer. I have never needed to use it in the past, but I need to use it to read a SD card now.

When I stick the SD card in the reader the light on the 5 in 1 drive lights up. However I was expecting a disk drive to pop up in my windows explorer where I can access the files on the memory card.

The device registers in device manager and it appears to be working properly.

In Administrative tools->disk management there are 5 extra disks in there showing no media.

I've been to the apacer website and I can't find any drivers for the device. Only manuals.

Windows says all the drivers are up to date.

Am I supposed to be using some kind of utility to access an inserted memory card or should they just populate a drive in my windows explorer?

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