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We built a new server but i think we may be not getting good hard disk speeds.

Our server has 2 drives...

Drive C has 2 hard disks configured in RAID 1. both disks are 15K SCSI.

Below are the speeds i am getting on Drive C

Sequential Read: 130 MB per second
Sequential Write: 120 MB per second
Random Access: 13 MB per second

Drive D has 4 146 GB SCSI hard disks configured in RAID 10

Sequential Read: 150 MB per second
Sequential Write: 140 MB per second
Random Access: 15 MB per second

Could you please let me know if these speeds are enough?

We have 2 quad core processors on the machine with 32 GM DDR3 RAM.

Thank You

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  1. The speed will be dependent on the data density, ie GB per platter.

    What are the model numbers of your drives?

    Could we see a benchmark graph, eg one produced by HD Tune?

  2. I am sorry but i do not have the model of the drives as hosting company has every thing. I ran the HD Tune and have attached the images of the results.

    Please help

    Thank You
  3. Those are perfectly decent speeds for hard drives - whether or not they're "enough" depends on your workload.
  4. 4 disks in Raid-10 should deliver about twice the individual contiguous throughput, so this one isn't good.
    The Raid-1 is all right, from your measures.
  5. Thanks for the reply pointervoid

    We have another server configured in RAID 1 that easily gives 200 MB/second speeds... meaning faster than the 4 disk RAID 10.

    Could you plz suggest what could be the reason that RAID 10 configuration is actually slower than the RAID 1 configuration?

    Is it because of the RAID cards? or something else?

    Any ideas will be appreciated.

    Thank You

    Kashif Idrees
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