Seagate 1.5tb ST31500341AS 7200.11 hd clicking

I have a Seagate 1.5tb ST3150041AS 7200.11 hard drive. Every time I boot up my PC the drive clicks exactly 11 times then shuts down while the BIOS is still detecting the hard drive. The BIOS reconizes the drive as well as the Seagate HD utility software. When I run the hard drive detect utility program ( boot cd and Windows ) it tells me that there is no power to the hard drive. I have tried this in two computers and an external ESATA case with the same results. I am using Windows XP PRO 32 & 64 OS. Windows does not see the drive even though the Seagate utilities does. I have even swapped the circuit board with a brand new Seagate 1.5tb ST3150041AS 7200.11 hard drive withe same results. I sure would appreciate any help with this.
Thank You!
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  1. You've got what is known as the click of doom. This is a mechanical issue with the drive, the drive simply can't spin up, which is why Windows is having issues with reading it. You're going to have to replace the drive.
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