Maximum RAM for my P6130f? HP says "..." while Crucial says "..."!!!

OK I was looking at my specs for my P6130f and it states that I have a maximum of 16GB or RAM (8GB currently).

At Crucial it states here:

that I have a maximum of 16GB Also. But, in the figure and message beneath ", it shows that I have only 4 slots with a maximum of 2GB of RAM per slot?? That equals 8GB right?

So I am confused, please clear up my befuddlement.

Many Thanks,

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    Read the specs from the manufacturer, not the RAM company. You could get 4x4Gig sticks too, BTW.
  2. Come here,all...
    Maybe you can find the things you are looking for .
  3. ok ty

    i just wasnt sure if i should beleive that 2gb was maximum per slot, ok so i will upgrade to 4gb per slot
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