Diesel graphic card for the optiplex 755

i have an optiplex 755 that was recently upgraded. here are the stats:

intel core 2 quad q6600 kentsfield socket 775
motherboard dell inc. 0gm819 intel q35 rev. a2
memory 4 gigs dual DDR2 333mhz (soon to be 8 gigs)
powersupply - corsair 550W

everything else is the same, including the big cpu cover and size of the case. I want a nice diesel graphic card that will fit in the dell optiplex 755. i would like to spend under $350 on the card. i prefer NVDIA. Can someone please recommend a graphic card that will fit in the case? i think that's probably the biggest problem. Any tips, suggestions will be greatly appreciated! thanks again for your help!

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  1. If you need a low profile card the best you can do is a 9800GT;
  2. thanks for the tip - i was wondering if i can get more diesel than that. or would it matter because of my motherboard and ram? price is not an option, i just want a card that will be able to rightfully play Modern Warfare 2 and definitely be able to take on Starcraft 2 (when that comes out) and actually fit in my dell optiplex 755 case. Any tips/help is much appreciated. thanks!

  3. The rest of your system is fine. The only issue would be the case. If you need a low profile card the 9800GT is the best you can do like I said. The Optiplex 755 was sold in a variety of cases however so only you know how big yours is.
  4. Check and see if you will have enough space inside your case for a long graphics card, also see if you can fit a full sized one or if you need a low profile. If you do need a low profile one the 9800GT is as good as they get. If you can use a full sized one the 58xx series should be out soon and should be priced around 350 and be the best single card out there.

    What resolution monitor will you be playing on? You may not need a super strong GPU.
  5. You are out of luck if your are looking for any thing better that can fit in that case while not drawing to much from that psu.

    You said diesel.
    This diffenitaily not fit.
  6. The PSU isn't an issue if it's really a Corsair 550w. That can probably handle almost any single card.
  7. yeah, i put in a corsair 550w in there and i barely fit it in with the screws. i think i can handle the power...it's just the damn case. i hate dell cases. what i will do when i get home is i will take a picture of the actual case and you guys can see how much 'actual' room is in there for a single card. thanks again so much for all the help.
  8. Please include a ruler laying on the side of the case for scale purposes.
  9. You may want to consider ditching the case. $50 will get you a decent one that will fit any card. That plus an HD5850(when they are available) should still be below your stated budget.
  10. here are some pictures of the inside of my pc - there's a ruler to measure how long it is. i hope the images will help. any recommendations for a graphic card that will fit.


    thanks again for all the help.
  11. It's the wrong angle to really tell but I think you may not need a low profile card. A pic of the back of the case should tell for sure. Unfortunately length looks to be an issue anyway. The best card I'd be comfortable saying would fit in there is an HD4770. It's possible you could shove an HD4870 in there but I'm definitely not certain.
  12. You need to do something about that dust.
  13. Putting a "diesel" card in the mBTX case requires some work, here's some photo's of an E521 ( same case basically )






    You could also cut away part of the existing heatsink shroud instead of installing a new cooler, but still have the case back to worry about;

    http://i85.photobucket.com/albums/k78/nightpath/DSCF0198.jpg ( that's an 8800GTS on the stock 305w psu )

    Another method ( depending on the card chosen ) would be this;


    No need to worry about the case back or CPU heatsink, but you end up losing all expansion slots.
  14. thanks for all your help guys i will pick up something that will be appropriate. nforce -> i will clean my comp right away!
  15. so everybody, i ended up getting a low profile 9600GT and it fit into the computer perfectly. now comes another problem but i will post that onto another thread. it's regarding choppy mkv playback after i installed the card.
  16. Could you specify what brand the card was? I've just bought a Galaxy 9600gt which was a bit too long to fit with the heat sink that was fitted in the factory.
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