System crashes, BSOD & is 520W psu for gtx 260, is it enough??

hi guys this is my first post on any forum, usually i take care of system problems my self but this time my new machine has really stumped me so i decided to seek some help.

i'll start with the system specs:

OS: win xp pro sp3 fully updated
CPU: core 2 quad Q9550
MB: Asus P5Q SE Plus
RAM: corsair dominator 2x1GB (1066Mhz)
GC: XFX GTX 260 Black Edition
Optical Drive: Sony DVD RW
PSU: 520 Watts cooler master real power M520

first of all is this PSU enough for this system or not? because gtx 260's box shows minimum PSU requirement of 550W n im using 520W??

actually this machine started off fine, played all kind of games and every thing on it but then after 3 weeks all of a sudden i started getting this MS's forsaken BSOD and sys hang ups. some times windows won't load at all other times every thing loads up fine but then after 10-15 mins i get this BSOD again. so far i've got like 20-30 BSOD with quite a variety of stop codes. it started off with rs.sys (or some thing i don't really remember) then 0x05, Page_fault_in_nonpaged_area, 0x08e, 0x07e, fltmgr.sys , wmilib.sys (when repairing winxp) and many others which i couldn't note.

anyhow i thought it was the HDD which was causing the problems, as i'm using an old one from my previous pc so tried to check it for errors using windows disk checking tool but the sys hung up on me again and then winxp won't load, so with no other option i repaired the windows from winxp installation disk then yet another BOSD after the bootup.
desperatly tryin to make my pc work i ran chkdsk /r in the recovery console and it found quite a few problems and fixed them but win hangs up once again after a reboot.

then i thought there might be some thing wrong with the RAM so i ran memtest86+ with both the sticks pluddeg into the MB at the same time and after running over night it came up with errors after pass#21 where tst 7 and 8 had failed. so to find the real culprit i ran memtest86 again on both the mem sticks individually. after running the test for 5hrs and passin 22 cycles on each stick, both came up clean----> means something not right with the MB RAM Dual Channel. so connected only single ram stick and booted the system --- every thing is fine for 2 hrs, started playing FAR CRY 2 and after 30 mins, gtx 260 stops working (as if someone pulled the plug) everything else is running fine except for the graphics. it was like windows couldn't find the drivers for it. desktop resolution went back to 800x600 and the colors were all distorted (remember freshly installed win 98 :) !!! without the VGA drivers, something like that), i restarted the sys and everything was fine again. at that point i had no heart to see yet another sys failure so i quickly turned off the machine, when it was still running condition :)

i really don't know what's wrong with my sys sometimes its the HDD, sometimes its the ram and yet an other time it seems like some thing is wrong with the PSU, i've run out of ideas and could really some help and suggestions.

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  1. Pull one stick of RAM and the downclock the 260 as low as you can, if the system seems more stable then I would suspect the PSU is not up to the job and needs replacing.
  2. Mousemonkey said:
    Pull one stick of RAM and the downclock the 260 as low as you can, if the system seems more stable then I would suspect the PSU is not up to the job and needs replacing.

    thanx MM.......... but i don't need to downclock the GPU anymore coz my system has been running stable for 24hrs now. maybe it was the ram or the HDD or both i don't know!.
    i ran chkdsk once more, cleaned the DIMM slots and replaced the sticks into different ones.
    i don't really know what is was but some thing did work!! and system seems to be running fine for now.

    still having some problems with the software though but i guess a fresh reinstall will take care of everything.

    BTW can u pls tell me how to clock down my gtx 260. i went through all the options in BIOS but i couldn't find one for GPU. do i have to do it from within the OS?? i don't really need to but I'd like to know how ?
  3. Sorry it's been a while getting back to you, try Rivatuner, good for all your over and under clocking needs.
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