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More about price posted sale 5800


    Pay attention folks.. and no need for all caps..
  2. Clearly the lack of gusto in the original post was not sufficient to notify anyone of the listing... so the caps probably helped. All the same, I will try to keep my finger off the shift key.
  3. 5850=$299

    wow. thinking to get a 5870...
  4. I'll sadly wait this generation out as I already have enough GPUs to run most games. A 5870X2 does sound rather tempting if someone were to buy my current GPUs.
  5. it's amazing to me that these prices seem high. don't you remember just a few years ago when ati came out with the x800xt PE and it was like $500+. I guess the real problem is that games need to catch up with this kind of shader power.

    I remember just 2 short years ago, I bought my 8800gt SC and paid $279 for it on the day it came out. people wanted them so bad the price went up to like $330 for a couple of weeks; the card was sold out practically everywhere.

    I'm with you guys though. I think I'll pick up a 4870 for cheap or get a gtx 260 to satisfy my upgrade bug this year.
  6. +100 $ doesn't look so smart if you ask me,
    same with the 4850 and 4870
    the difference wasn't too big
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