Voltage problems

Can someone tell me why i am getting these voltages?
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  1. Because the software isn't reading the voltages correctly.
  2. Ok well these voltages also show in another software voltage reader, And my current setup is ECS Elitegroup Geforce Motherboard, Raidmax 530ss Watt Power supply, 1 GB Ram, AMD Phenom II x2 3.11 ghz Black Edition 80w, ATI Radeon HD 2400 256 Mb. 1 IDE Hard Drive 7200 RPM, I was worried my power Supply wasn't powerful enough...
  3. You aren't.

    If that was accurate, the computer wouldn't boot.
  4. So is everything ok with my system then? And also my system is running awfully slow at times, Would another 1 gb ram chip help?
  5. You can verify the critical voltages with a digital multimeter:
    Yellow wires to ground (black wires) 12 volts
    Red wires to ground 5.0 volts
    Orange wires 3.3 volts.

    All tolerances +/- 5%
  6. So do you guys think I should add more Ram, Would it "in Theory" Improve my system speed?
  7. According to my measurements, RAM needs about 1.5 amps/GB from the 3.3 volt output. 4 GB of RAM will need about 20 watts (6 amps @ 3.3 volts).
  8. Ok Thanks
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