Getting AMD 965 Black Edition.....

I have been looking to upgrade for a long time.

I currently run an E8400 3.0 ghz with 4gb 667 ram.

I decided to upgrade recently and plan on getting a AMD 965 quad core. The price is perfect and the performance seems on par with some of the new intel chips.

My issue is finding the right motherboard. I would like to spend no more than $200.

Also looking at getting some ddr3 ram. Any ideas on best bang for the buck?

Any help would be great and I appreciate it.

On a side note, I am not into overclocking, it is cool for people that do, I am just not into it.

Overclocking seems to be the answer I get in regards to upgrading in a few other forums, it is just not for me.

I mainly game, WoW, and a ton of FPS games aswell as photo editing and restoration.

Other system specs, Windows 7 HP, GTX 260 core 216.

Thanks again! :)

EDIT: This is all going into a Dell XPS 630i case. Any idea on a aftermarket cooler would be great as well.
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  1. Since the memory controller is on the CPU itself there is little to gain in performance with a high end board vs a good lower end board. For what board you should get it really just depends on features. If you would like to SLI your GTX260 with another GTX260 then you will need an SLI board, and currently only MSI is making such boards that also support DDR3.

    MSI NF980-G65 AM3 $159.99

    MSI NF750-G55 $99.99

    If you would be interested in crossfire (ie ditching your 260 in favor of a pair of Radeon 5870s) then you have a few more board choices as there are many boards using the 790FX chipset. If you're only interested in sticking with a single GPU for gaming then a good 770 based board would suffice.
  2. I really suggest you getting a X4 955 BE, not the 965 BE because they are excact the same core.
  3. Thanks, I probably will be sticking with the GTX 260 for now and adding one in the future, I am on a fixed income and while I would love the pair of 5870's, they aren't in my future.

    The single GTX 260 is amazing so far but I feel I am lacking in the CPU-Memory dept.

    Thanks again and if you can think of anything else please feel free to lemme know. It doesn't even have to be about a mobo, any ram or cooling ideas I'm open to all.

    Thanks again. I appreciate it.
  4. HansVonOhain said:
    I really suggest you getting a X4 955 BE, not the 965 BE because they are excact the same core.

    Oops missed your little post tucked in there.

    I looked up both processors, is the only difference the .2 ghz?

    The 965 is 3.4 while the 955 is 3.2, if this is the only difference I will get the cheaper of the 2.

    I noticed newegg has 2 versions of the 955, anyone know the difference??

    Thanks again.
  5. One of the 955s is C2 stepping, and the other is C3. Basically the C3 version wasn't good enough to be labeled a 125W 965. Even so, the C3 version should have a properly calibrated thermal diode while the C2 revision is more likely to give the wacky readings AMD has had since they came out with the Brisbane. Don't know why it took them so long to fix that, guess they had other issues to worry about ^_^, but anyway go for the C3 version.

    A GTX 260 is still good for now and if you get one of those SLI boards you can ad another one latter. Two 260s in SLI is still very good and will offer you more performance than even a single 5870. Yeah being on a smaller budget sucks, but hey you do what you gotta do.
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