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I didn't know quite where to post this question. I was reading some other posts in which someone said to the TC to but fans for the front of the case. I thought that this case came with fans preinstalled, did I miss something? My case is arriving tomorrow, along with my monitor. On the third come the rest of my parts, so if I need to order fans, I'd like to know as soon as possible. Danke in advance.
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  1. The 300 illusions comes with 2 front antec tricool blue fans preinstalled in the front panel, that is the only difference between it and the regular antec 300. You likely wouldnt have needed to order fans even if you go the regular one but the illusions case is a good deal considering those fans cost over 10 each.
  2. ok, thanks hunter
  3. Doesn't the Illusion come bundled with 4 fans? Two intakes in front, a top exhaust, and a rear exhaust?
  4. yes, but the standard 300 comes with the top and rear exhaust, the two front fans are the only difference between it and the illusions.
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