Prevent idle sleep on secondary hdd

On my laptop a I have 2 hard drives. An SSD which is primary and a 500gb secondary HDD. Since the OS uses the SSD, and i put my most used applications on the ssd, the hdd powers down due to lack of use. Every once in awhile when i want to access it, it must got through a whole spin up to allow me to acces the data.
Is there any way (power setting, program, ect.) to keep the secondary hdd spinning at all times?

-technically i can write a program that writes to it every 10 secondss, but i'd prefer to just change a power setting.
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  1. their should be a power setting for the hard drive in your Power Profile under Power in the Control Panel
  2. went there already. the setting there is to "turn off your hard drive after x minutes of inactivity." i have it set on two hours
    my hdd powers down b/c there are no read/writes to it, not because of a power setting
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