Missing files after removing hard drive. Discs is as full, but files do not appe

Hey guys. I recently removed one of my hard drives and briefly put it in another computer to transfer some large files.

When I put the drive back in, My folder of TV episodes shows only the main folder and subfolders, but when I open any of the sub folders they are empty.

The drive sill shows that it is just as full as it should be, but I can't navigate to the actual video files.

I did some registry repairs, as I read that that might be a problem, but they didn't fix anything. System Restore also made no difference.

Any ideas on how to solve this? If I reformat my main OS Drive, I think the issue will be fixed and I can see my files again, if it is indeed a problem with windows.

All other files on the D:/ drives are where they are supposed to be and play fine. It is just the folder with TV shows.

I don't mind a reformat, but if there is a simple tool for repairing this kind of thing, I'd rather go with that.

Any information as to why this might have happened would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Guys-
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  1. http://www.powerdatarecovery.com/

    You could try this to see if you can recover your files and it is free for home use.
  2. Your drive is corrupted so that you are not getting your data and find folders empty so that for the recovery you need an efficient data recovery software to recover your deleted data from external hard drive with the help of Kernel for FAT and NTFS hard disk data recovery software which can recover your data instantly and the user friendly interface of the software gave you the choice to save all or some selective files to your location. for more details go to Kernel for FAT and NTFS hard disk recovery software.
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