4850x2 or 4850 crossfire

Hi All

I have a 4850 1gb card at the moment, I just brought the LANPARTY JR P45-T2RS that enables me to crossfire my card.

Was thinking what do you guys think is best?

Option 1
Buy another 48501gb card and X fire on my motherboard
(although i read that with my motherboard it will share 16 lanes between the 2 cards (bear with me i'm a bit of a noobie on this) - Will there be any deterioration in performance?

Option 2
Ebay my existing 4850 1gb card then buy a 4850 X2 1 gb (price differential between that and a 4850 1gb is 30GBP (which I'm hoping will be made up by ebaying my old card)

Any preferences?
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  1. 4850x2 scales better, takes up less space and while a hot card doesn't pump out as much as 2 single cards.

    So I would say 4850x2.
  2. actually...since you already have one, I would think Xfire them
    performance should be a little lower though, but it'll be cheaper
    but if you have time and money, 4850x2 is the way to go
  3. A friend of mine has that board with 2 1gig cards in cross fire... get the second 4850. It'll be fine.
  4. Best answer
    Given those two alternatives, I'd probably run two separate cards to ensure I could run a single card if and when xfire problems arose.
  5. sell 4850, then buy 5850 tomorrow!
  6. or use the 4850 with a 4850x2
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