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I'm interested in buying hp pavilion dv7-6195 laptop. This has two 500Gb hard drives. I want to know whether these hard drives can be put in any RAID array from BIOS itself or if they are already in RAID, can I modify or remove the RAID configuration completely? I have asked HP sales team but they are not revealing the information. They also declined to give any info about the mobo or BIOS.
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    I looked through the HP support forums, and it appears that HP laptops don't support RAID, and that the drives show up as 2 separate disks in Windows, each the same size. I've been wanting to get that laptop too, and it's a little bit of a downer that the computer doesn't support RAID.
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  3. You could run a server OS like 2008 server and setup software mirroring or striping if you wanted to....
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