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Hey guys, I need an answer as soon as possible. WOuld be a good upgrade for my OS and some apps as compared to ? I would still keep both but I can get the SSD for $50. Will I see faster boot times even though the HDD is sata III and the SSD is sata II? Thanks!
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  1. The SSD drive is supposed to be faster from what I have read because there are on mechanical parts
  2. Yes... you are looking at 0.1ms access times vs 10+ms access times with your mechanical drive. A SSD will load applications faster, even compared to a SATA III drive, as SATA II.

    I would recommend going with the OCZ Solid 3 at a lower price (unless your drive is free being a original gen SSD)...
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    The value of a ssd is negligible access times giving fast random access. That is what the OS does mostly.
    Yes, you will see faster boot times with a ssd, and everything will feel quicker.

    Sata 2/3 is a non issue. It is a minor issue if you have several ssd's in raid-0 doing sequential operations.
    Even with a single ssd, sequential operations will be faster than any Hard drive.

    The only issue with a ssd is limited capacity and greater cost per gb.
    The 60gb ssd will be enough for the OS and a few apps. You will have to use the hard drive for storage once it gets filled.

    At $50, that is a good price for a ssd. Get two.
  4. Ok, I will get it. Its from craigslist so i dont have the option of getting two but Ill definitely get this one. Thanks for the help
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